Panasonic Varicam Vancouver LT ProEx Camera Kit


** BRAND NEW** Recently arrived to the Workshop, the Panasonic Varicam LT  gives 4K cinema-quality level images out of the camera. A lot of your favorite shows have been shooting with it (Master of None) and it is a Netflix-approved camera.

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Panasonic Varicam Vancouver LT ProEx Camera Kit

Panasonic Varicam LT ProEx Kit 

  • 35mm Single-Chip MOS Sensor
  • Lightweight & Compact design
  • 14+ Stops of Wide Latitude
  • Dual Native ISO of 800/5000
  • Native 4K/60p Shooting / 2K/HD 240p Slow Motion
  • In-Camera Color Grading
  • Lens Mount: Made For EF Mount
  • SpecialFeatures: 24P, 25P, Built-In Microphone, Interchangeable Lens, Time Code I/O, XLR Mic Input
  • Recording Media: Uses Secure Digital (SD)

We love using this camera with our set of cinema lenses: GL Optics Zeiss Contax Lens or the Leica Elmarit-R Lens 

A lot of your favorite shows have been shooting with it (Master of None) and it is a Netflix-approved camera.

Additional information

Weight2.7 kg
Dimensions18.4 × 23.05 × 24.7 cm

1 x Super35 MOS

Lens Mount

EF (interchangeable)

Built-In Filters

ND: Clear, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8
IR Cut: Removable

White Balance

2000 K to 15000 K
GMg -10 to +10

Video Format

4096 x 2160p: 59.94/50/29.97/25/24/23.98
3840 x 2160p: 59.94/50/29.97/25/23.98

2048 x 1080p: 59.94/50/29.97/25/24/23.98

1920 x 1080p: 59.94/50/29.97/25/23.98
1920 x 1080i: 59.94/50

Shutter Speed

Synchro scan


Native 800/5000 push up/down

Memory Card Recorder

Record Format:
AVC-Intra 4K422: Up to 30p
AVC-Intra 4K-LT 30p to 60p

AVC-Intra 2K444: Up to 30p
AVC-Intra 2K422: Up to 60p, up to 120p (cropped)
AVC-Intra 2K-LT: 120p to 240p (cropped)

AVC-Intra444: Up to 30p
AVC-Intra422: Up to 60p up to 120p (cropped)
AVC-Intra100: 50i/59.94i
AVC-IntraLT: 120p to 240p (cropped)
ProRes 4444: 2 up to 30p
ProRes 422HQ: 2 up to 60p

AVC-Proxy G6: Up to 60p

Audio Recording Format:
Main: 4ch 48 kHz/24-bit LPCM
Proxy G6: 2ch 48 kHz/16-bit AAC

Media Slots:
1 x expressP2 card
1 x SD Card


Connectors: 3G-SDI: 2 x BNC
VF: 1 x BNC
Genlock In: 1 x BNV
Timecode In/Out 1 x BNC
LAN: 1 x RJ-45
USB Host: 1 x USB B
USB Device: 1 x mini-USB
Mic 1/2: 1 x 5-pin XLR (female)
Audio: 2 x 3-pin XLR (female)
Lens/Grip: 12-pin
12 VDC in: 1 x 4-pin XLR
DC Out: 2 x 4-pin Hirose
Headphone: 1 x 3.5mm stereo mini jack
DC Input XLR 4 pin x 1, DC12 V (11 – 17 V)
DC Output 4 pin, DC 12 V (11 – 17 V), max. 1.5 A
Lens: 12 pin
EVF: 20 pin
RCU: 10 pin
GPS: 6 pin
USB 2.0: USB: 2.0, HOST: 4 pin type-A
Device: 4 pin type-B
Power Consumption: 47 W (body only) 77 W (with all optional accessories and max power to each output)
Dimensions: Body Only: 7.2 x 9.1 x 9.7" / 184.0 x 230.5 x 247.0 mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight: Body Only: 5.95 lb / 2.7 kg (approx.)

Panasonic Viewfinder for VariCam LT

Display Type: OLED
Display Resolution: 720p
Connections: 1 x SDI, for video 1 x Hirose, for power
Diopter Adjustment: 1-9 Indexible, stepped
Material of Construction Housing: Metal composite
Dimensions: W x L: 4.0 x 4.3" (10 x 11 cm)
Diameter: 3.1" (8 cm)

Panasonic Cinema-Style Shoulder Mount for VariCam LT

Tripod Mounting Thread: 3/8"-16

Shoulder Mount Dimensions: 11.1 x 4.1 x 2.0" (28.2 x 10.5 x 5.2 cm)

Sliding Camera Plate Dimensions: 6.4 x 2.3" (16.2 x 5.9 cm)

Panasonic Grip Module for VariCam LT

Cable Length: 11" / 27.9 cm (coiled)
Connector: 12-pin Hirose
Arm Length: Approx. 8.3 to 10.4" / 21 to 26.5 cm
Dimensions: Grip: Approx. 3.6 x 3.3 x 4.5" / 9.2 x 8.5 x 11.5 cm
Arm: Approx. 8.3 x 1.2 x 2.8" / 21 x 3 x 7 cm (excluding thumbscrew protrusions)

Panasonic PL Mount Adapter for VariCam LT

Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.1 x 7.0 x 5.8"

2 x Panasonic 256GB B Series expressP2 Memory Card for VariCam Series

Card Type: P2
Storage Capacity: 256 GB
Durability: Shockproof, Temperature Extremes
Operating Temperature: Not Specified by Manufacturer
Storage Temperature: Not Specified by Manufacturer
Error Correction: Yes
Built-in Write-Protect Switch: Yes
File System: Not Specified by Manufacturer
RoHS Compliant: Not Specified by Manufacturer

Panasonic AU-XPD1 P2 Memory Card Drive

Card Slot: 1 x expressP2
Compatible Memory Cards: P2, expressP2, microP2 (using optional AJ-P2AD1G adapter)
Connectors: 1 x USB 3.0 Type B (data transfer) 1 x USB 3.0 Type B (power)
Data Transfer Rate: 2.4 Gb/s
Current Consumption: 1.8 A (total for both USB connectors)
System Requirements:
Operating System:
Windows 7 Professional (SP1) 32/64-bit
Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1) 32/64-bit
Windows 8 32/64-bit
Windows 8.1 32/64-bit
Mac OS X 10.7.5
Mac OS X 10.8.5
Mac OS X 10.9.3
RAM: 1 GB or more
Operating Temperature: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Operating Humidity: 10 to 85% (no condensation)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 3.8 x 1.3 x 6.1" (9.7 x 3.3 x 15.5 cm)
Weight: 9.9 oz (280 g)

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